‘cake’ anyone?

2 Jan


Yarn ‘cake’ that is.  I work casually in the local Yarn and Fibre Emporium – this name I decided upon when another frazzled christmas shopper poked their head in the door and then said in a condescending manner “oh, you’re a craft shop” as if craft is a dirty word.  Of course I didn’t think of the clever reply until much too late at night, but I have it ready for next time.  🙂

So today, I spent the day working and in-between customers I had the joy of ‘caking’ a few skeins of yarn.  Caking is what we call it when we wind a skein of yarn into a ball, remember the old days sitting at Grannies feet with your arms dropping off holding wool while she wound it into a ball ready to knit into a fuzzy, itchy jumper?  Well luckily today we have tools to replace our arms and winders that make pretty ‘cakes’ instead of balls that roll all over the place as they are being knit from.  Also, the fibres we work with are much nicer and not an itch to be seen.  The yarn in this pic is a linen and silk blend, destined to be the sleeves of a summer top.  Todays caking effort – 40 skeins.

2 Responses to “‘cake’ anyone?”

  1. Colin Chick January 10, 2015 at 9:52 AM #

    Love this photograph!

    • Hilltop Dreamer January 10, 2015 at 11:17 PM #

      Thankyou. It’s one I rather like too. Kind of a bit arty with the shallow depth of field, but enough that you can see we have a great north easterly view 🙂

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