The smaller things in life

5 Jan

Landscape is easy in Tas.  Everywhere we go there is plenty to see and snap.  Gorgeous views are not hard to find.  Sea, Sun, Clouds, Mountains, it’s all there if you open your eyes and look.  But what do you see if you look a little bit closer?  Did you look at yesterdays sea of green and notice the tiny hint of pink?  Did you wonder what it was?  Perhaps you thought it a piece of the flotsam and jetsam of life?  What if I told you it was actually this?


Yes, that boring sea of green has the amazing little pink flowers that the bees love.  They close up in the shade and at night, but in the morning sun they open up and reveal themselves and more importantly feed the bees 🙂

A little further up the yard is another clumping boring green plant.  As kids we used to pluck these flowers and pull the petals off chanting “he loves me, he loves me not“.  But look what you see if you take the time to really look at these shy little flowers, there is something about the centre of this flower that really appeals to me.


Next there is this baby.  The actual flower is about 1cm across.  They are littered across our yard – no green suburban lawns for us.  Such an easy little baby to ignore.  But if you look at this one at 100% you see so much, even a couple of strands of spiders web I think.


Finally, head on up to the garden arch.  Take a seat on the chair and take a deep breath.  Jasmine, every garden should have this growing.  A prolific grower when it gets lots of water, in my dry old garden it has slowly developed and has not taken over.  I love this plant simply because of it’s tenacity.  It has been treated with neglect and yet it still survives.  Now it’s big enough to flower but not so big that the scent is overpowering.


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