Because I’m lucky!

6 Jan

As we drove home tonight the sunset was rather attractive.  Quick, pullover I instructed hubster – he should be able to read my mind, but still struggles after nearly 24 years, so I had to explain I wanted to take a photo of the sunset.  Unfortunately, camera was at home, so phone had to suffice and it’s not the best representation of what I saw.


Then as we drove up the hill I noticed the lightening of the sky as the moon was about to rise.  Oh, I says, moonrise photo.  “You will be lucky” says hubster, there is too much cloud.  It’s just as well that I’m lucky then 🙂


All I need now is a tripod and the skills to drive shutter and aperture control.  Will work on the manual tomorrow and see what tomorrow’s moonrise brings 🙂

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