Fibre Art

12 Jan

I was 7 when I learnt to knit.  I was staying with my Nan at the time.  During school holidays we used to go and stay with Nan and Pop for a week for a ‘holiday’.  Looking back with parental eyes I see it was more a break for Mum 🙂  I remember it was my Aunt who first showed me how to knit.  I can still remember the steps as through, around, back and off.  I know I chanted that for too long, because I can remember Nan telling me to ‘say it in my head’.  I was a keen student that had to be persuaded to put my work down while I ate tea.  Unfortunately, after dinner I had a mild panic…… that final step of off would mean a dropped stitch.  I can still hear Nan telling me off, she didn’t really have a lot of patience some times 🙂    I don’t have any trouble remembering the knitting steps now.  Now I merrily work all sorts of patterns and fancy stitches.  This is my latest project.


The other project I’ve started this week is a crochet project.  Now I haven’t crocheted since I was about 10.  I made a blanket from 2 huge grannie squares.  I can remember pestering Mum regularly for more wool.  I gave that blanket to Nan and Pop, they used it on the parcel shelf of their car.  It is much the worse for wear now.  In fact it needs some urgent repairs.  But it is something I treasure.


As for my crochet project – well here is the start.  They are called African Flowers and I need to make Octagons, Pentagons, Hexagons and more.  It’s a secret not so secret project with a midyear deadline.  I wonder if I should commit to monthly progress shots?


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