The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

5 Feb

As I’ve mentioned before we are heading off on a cruise and we plan to go snorkelling.  This is something I have never done before and in the interests of making sure I have fun while on holiday I thought a lesson would be a good idea.   As it happens He Who Suffers (yes, that is what he wants to be called in preference to Hubster) has been a Scuba Diving, something about PADI and FAUI and stuff, certainly enough to show me how to snorkel.

Call me a sook but the idea of snorkeling in the cold water that surrounds our island had me shivering in my fins.  This is where my great plan started to form.  First, think of a warm place to swim.  Second, isolation – I don’t need people I know seeing me floundering around like a beached whale.  Third, today was back to school, so chances of lots of other swimmers should be reduced.   Where did we go?


Doesn’t that look inviting?  Trust me it was great.  I feel thoroughly refreshed and invigorated.  If only it wasn’t a 2.5hr drive from home.   Oh and the bit about the best laid plans?  Well, the pic showing no other swimmers?  That is as we were leaving at closing time, we were not the only swimmers, but I am proud that I didn’t let that stop me and I can now say I can snorkel.  I can use fins (sort of), I can breath through a snorkel and I can (usually) dive under the water and clear the snorkel without fear of gulping water.

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