Going South.

8 Feb

Today my Baby Bear packed her Polo and headed North ready to board the Spirit tomorrow to head back to Uni in Adelaide.  A difficult day for me.

Then in a little over a week He Who Suffers is packing his bags and ‘heading south’ which is the ‘in’ lingo from those in the know who travel to Antarctica to work.  We have had amazingly warm weather this weekend, so it’s not really the ideal thing to be sorting and packing survival gear for the frigid temps of Antarctica.  I got to see each ‘piece’ modelled – one piece at a time, as to dress in it all at once when the sun is shining and the temperature is warm would mean ‘melt down’.

First we have Boots


Next we have Mittens, but I want to know why the sheepskin is on the outside.


Next we have a sample of our ‘water view’, also known as a dam or waterhole.  The local farmer uses the water from this for stock and crop irrigation.


Then because it was a gorgeous day, I took a photo of the vineyard across the valley.  Where we live is in the Coal Valley wine region, we often joke that we live within staggering distance of the ‘local’.


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