Fireworks and night shots

9 Feb

This weekend we’ve had the Royal Hobart Regatta, which concluded tonight with a firework display.  So I headed out for my first attempt at capturing the perfect fireworks shot.  As it turned out, the lookout we headed to has become very overgrown.  I love trees but when you have an amazing lookout that is obscured by She Oaks that grow like weeds then perhaps some chainsaw action wouldn’t go astray.

Of course the obscured views meant that the viewing spots were very crowded.  And lets just say short people suffer in these kinds of situations.  Luckily a very nice gentleman had a big 4wd parked in the perfect spot with his mini tripod on the bonnet and was kind enough to let me share his bonnet space.

I was able to get a couple of shots that I’m happy with.  But like all things, I need more practise.  Of course this is kind of an issue with fireworks as they don’t happen all the time.


As you can see from this cropped shot I didn’t take enough time to look at what else was on offer as far as great photo ops.  I really wish I had opened my eyes to more than just the fireworks space and gotten a better shot of the mountain.  There is always tomorrow night.


As everyone left I had the viewing area to myself.  This shot needs to be looked at full size, I’m really happy with the light reflections on the water.


I took this one while the fireworks were happening, I was so frustrated that my photo shots had been blocked by people moving in front of my camera that I gave up on the fireworks.  But the bridge makes a good shot.


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