Playing Tourist

5 Jun

The Zoo.  Something that I struggle with.  Animals in captivity vs animal extinction.  However, for the chance to play with my largest zoom lens without a tripod and try to get some up close shots of the animals I put my struggle aside.

P6050417 P6050745

As we slowly trudged back to the car, a quick rest stop had me looking up.  I do love autumn colours.


In the evening we met up with some local friends for dinner.  The venue has to be seen to be believed/understood. Called the Bombay Bicycle Club the decor is mind boggling.  The most impressive was in the toilets, but I just couldn’t bring myself to digout the camera in the toilet, however, two indoor waterfalls should be enough to pique your curiosity.  The food was good, the serves generous but beware of minimum charges on the weekend.





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