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Lens Shopping

18 Jun

I currently shoot with an Olympus em-10.  It’s a great camera but I yearn for weather sealing, and maybe just that extra bit of stabilisation.   A visit to the local shop this afternoon to look at the latest f2.8 lenses, oh I do like.  I snapped the following while ducking the rain drops – can’t kill my em-10 but it does reinforce my yearning for weather sealing – yes em-5 mk2 I want you!

The 7-14 certainly gives a wide angle of view.  I need to take more notice of what my camera is set to before snapping test shots.


A bit of perspective distortion, I’ll blame me being short.


I did like the results from the pro zoom.  The conditions were awful.  Wet, right on sunset, city, beginner photographer but I still managed to find a bit of colour in this tree.  It’s the tree that is hidden behind the dentists sign in the first photo.


Yeah, five minutes of fun is about all I had but I can dream of the money to be able to own these lenses.


Lightroom Panorama

15 Jun

Today I had a look at the new Panorama setting in LightRoom.  I’m impressed.  I took a series of shots in March of a very rich sunset from my front door.  It has sat in the too hard basket since then waiting for me to try stitching the shots into a panorama.   Well it’s not too hard anymore.  I do love tutorials that help put together the photo I saw and was trying to capture.

March Sunset

Nearing the winter solstice

12 Jun

The days are getting shorter, the sun sets faster and the colours are rich and vibrant.  This is the positive from the cold.


Monarto Zoo

8 Jun

Monarto Zoo sits somewhat easier on my conscience.  Lots more room for the animals and plenty of space for them to sit out of public scrutiny if they wish.

First up we had a private trip to feed the giraffe.


Wow they are tall up close.  Just remember when composing a shot to look a the whole shot, not just the person – oops.


Once again, remember to look at all of the shot, otherwise it looks like you have a cannibal giraffe and an evil human not feeding carrots at all.


So lets move on to meerkats.  Cute meerkats.



Chimpanzees next.  So good to see they have lots of room to move around as well as a baby and the news that they are expecting two more babies in September – guess a return visit is on the cards.

P6080184 P6080211

Monarto has a bus tour through the park, where you can see the animals wandering free.  Even through the bus window good photos can be taken.


Adelaide Zoo again

7 Jun

While Baby Bear has to work I spent the morning catching up on ANZ Netball and the afternoon back at the zoo.

This is the first time I’ve seen the hippo out of the water 🙂


My, what big teeth they have, especially for eating grass.


Next door are the otters, they had just been fed so lots of chances for up close shots.


The orangutang were up in their tower today, surveying far and wide.


The zoo is not all about the animals.  There is a wide variety of plants and flowers to see also.  While waiting for the orang-utans to climb out of their tower I had a play with some ‘artistic’ shots.

P6071049 P6071050 P6071260

The bird aviaries are amazing.


This wombat was minding his own business, when child was trying to pat him……. camera at the ready for the carnage but Mum eventually saw the sign “we bite”


This is the life, enjoying the sunshine.


While flicking through the many photos it wasn’t until I saw this on my desktop that I realised this baboon was looking straight down the lens.


Art Hotel

6 Jun

The artwork was definitely telling me to get some sleep

P6060935 P6060938 P6060937

Playing Tourist

5 Jun

The Zoo.  Something that I struggle with.  Animals in captivity vs animal extinction.  However, for the chance to play with my largest zoom lens without a tripod and try to get some up close shots of the animals I put my struggle aside.

P6050417 P6050745

As we slowly trudged back to the car, a quick rest stop had me looking up.  I do love autumn colours.


In the evening we met up with some local friends for dinner.  The venue has to be seen to be believed/understood. Called the Bombay Bicycle Club the decor is mind boggling.  The most impressive was in the toilets, but I just couldn’t bring myself to digout the camera in the toilet, however, two indoor waterfalls should be enough to pique your curiosity.  The food was good, the serves generous but beware of minimum charges on the weekend.