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Grass Seeds are Evil

19 Dec

We have a dog(puppy) that is probably more human than dog.  He ‘sits’ on the lounge.  He ‘sleeps’ in bed with DS – even manages to climb the 6 steps up the ladder into the bed!

Over the years we have learnt the hard way, via two trips to the vet, to keep a rather vigilant eye out for grass seeds.  They have been known to burrow under the skin and even once down the ear canal.  So when puppy crawled into DS lap ‘crying’ he did the only thing a human can do, and gave him  the once over looking for the offending seed.  One paw had darker than usual lick staining, so much attention was  paid, but no seeds could be found.

DD, an animal carer of the future, was called in to run her expert eye over the situation.  No, the paw is clear.  Then she noticed a swollen shut eye!  As she held puppy and opened his eye, there was the merest whisp of brown.  It looked like the tiniest of eyelashes poking out.  With heart in mouth and internal prayer dialogue I grasped the wisp and extracted, much to everyones horror, a complete grass seed.  Oh Poor Puppy.

I am happy to report that all swelling has disappeared and Puppy is back to his usual self.