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Finished Really is Better……

4 Mar

I’ve a friend getting married later this month.  Unfortunately it clashes with our DD 21st and our cruise – tough to be in such high demand :).  Hopefully, she will like the following gift, at least I know she will like the colour.


Nearly Done

1 Mar

I am rather pleased with this little project. I just need some manly buttons and it will be ready to gift. 

Colour choices

27 Feb

Working on a new project and trying to decide on contrast colour for collar and cuff



Image Manipulation

15 Feb

As part of my learning journey I want to learn about post editing.  I’ve downloaded the trial of lightroom and worked through some of the tutorials.  So it’s all well and good when someone is giving the instructions of what to alter to make the photo sing, but put me infront of one of my images and I freeze.

Tonight is a toe in the water type attempt at image manipulation.

The original is a shot of one of my current Knitting Works in Progress.


Pushing the Hue towards Blue I get a Green project


If I push towards Green I get a Purple project


So now I might have discovered a trick a friend used to change the colour of my car.  Ok, so I’m a slow learner 🙂

Finished! Not quite perfect.

31 Jan

I’ve shared a couple of progress photos of a cardigan I’ve been knitting.  Today I tried my hand at shots on a display model in my local yarn emporium.


Turns out this fits my DD perfectly and she is keen to take it with her back to Uni.  So while I will be sad to see her leave next week, I can be happy she will have a hug from me every time she decides to wear this garment.


10 Jan

Today as I headed to the Local Yarn Store I noticed a couple of doors have had a facelift.  In the back of my mind has been the idea of photographing some of Hobart’s more interesting doors and tiled entrances.  I guess today is the start of that.


I think this is one of the backstage doors from the old Odeon Theatre.  I’m sure it wasn’t like this last week when I walked past.


This looks like it might be to the door to the power for the building?  either way, someone has certainly brightened it.  I also noticed as I was leaving the carpark that the back building wall was getting some graffiti attention.  It looked like maybe some of the gross graffiti was getting a dinosaur or dragon painted over it.  Guess I will see next Saturday.


Because I can, this is one of the projects I’m currently working on.

‘cake’ anyone?

2 Jan


Yarn ‘cake’ that is.  I work casually in the local Yarn and Fibre Emporium – this name I decided upon when another frazzled christmas shopper poked their head in the door and then said in a condescending manner “oh, you’re a craft shop” as if craft is a dirty word.  Of course I didn’t think of the clever reply until much too late at night, but I have it ready for next time.  🙂

So today, I spent the day working and in-between customers I had the joy of ‘caking’ a few skeins of yarn.  Caking is what we call it when we wind a skein of yarn into a ball, remember the old days sitting at Grannies feet with your arms dropping off holding wool while she wound it into a ball ready to knit into a fuzzy, itchy jumper?  Well luckily today we have tools to replace our arms and winders that make pretty ‘cakes’ instead of balls that roll all over the place as they are being knit from.  Also, the fibres we work with are much nicer and not an itch to be seen.  The yarn in this pic is a linen and silk blend, destined to be the sleeves of a summer top.  Todays caking effort – 40 skeins.